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Stay safe and compliant.

Check the condition and safety of asbestos containing materials (ACMS) in your premises and stay compliant with asbestos re-inspection services from Check Environmental.

With one-off re-inspection services and on-going support available, we can re-inspect any previously surveyed property or premises.

As part of the service, we’ll update the information held on the asbestos register, liaising with the HSE on your behalf, and ensuring that you’re fulfilling your legal obligations.

Risks, Regulations and Requirements

Over time, ACMs can degrade, degenerate and become damaged – increasing the risks associated with the materials.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires that any ACMs found as part of asbestos surveys or analysis be regularly inspected to ensure that they are being managed properly. This needs to be done at least once a year, and may need to be conducted more regularly depending on the nature and location of the ACMs.

The approved code of practice also requires that your asbestos management plan be updated every 6 months. Our experienced teams can support you with this process.

Asbestos Re-inspections From Check Environmental

Our service includes:

  • Full assessment of current asbestos records
  • Re-inspection scheduling and reminders
  • Comprehensive site re-inspections
  • Advice on changes to ACMs and maintenance recommendations
  • Updating asbestos records
  • Reviewing asbestos policies and management plans to ensure compliance

Contact Our Asbestos Experts Today

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